Building a Better World with Coda Marcus

The beautiful Coda, he is amazing. Coda is smart, compassionate, racially aware, and kind. He's an actor, gamer, activist, and just a breath of fresh air. - Coda is a 22 year old Gemini that's from Chicago, but is now living in Long Beach. His birthday is June 7th (Same as Prince). His favorite colors are yellow and green. He goes by HE/HIM. Coda was generous enough to answer some personal questions about himself. He's eager in building a world better around him.

The first question is "What is it that you do?" Coda's response: "I am studying Theatre, actually for quite some time now. My passion started in high school, and with so many school transitions since then, Acting has always been with me. I love the way that playing makes me feel: above the idea of a game (although, I love a good game), it’s that desire to understand someone else. To be them- using who you are - which energizes me."

"What inspired you to pursue Theatre?" Coda's response: "Of course, the work itself is anything but invigorating. Haha, it just feels more difficult as the years go by. It hasn’t lost its charm for me - it is my passion. Although, as I’ve learned how much work goes into it- how patient, courageous, and disciplined I must remain- it is that much more key. I become uncomfortable with my stress, and fear about the future manifests. The business side of acting is still new to me, and I’m learning how to navigate that. Just like anything else, practice makes the craft better. For me, it’s about the consistency component. So many moving parts life has (omg, 2020 was a really big one). Acting feels like my soulmate, in a way. It’s forever who I am, and I have to remember to nurture it, as much as I do my own."

- I can relate to this. Deciding to pursue your passion takes a lot. I agree that it does take patients, courage, and a lot of discipline! I too stress and have those times that I fear what's in stored in my future. I continue to remind myself that if I do the work eventually it will happen for me. - Tyris Manney

"What experiences in life made you stronger?" Coda's response: "Woah, that was a lot. Lmfao! Anxiety has been an experience, just within the last few years, that has made me stronger. My anxiety ‘started’ just before I turned 21, which feels like a sign of something? I’ve had to mark time out these past years to work on myself in new ways. I don’t like to admit it all that often, but I like to have tons of control. So to come face to face with those scary thoughts that lead to that loss of control over my own mind and body, is hard. I struggle with it, sometimes daily. I’m so proud of myself for holding on tight and adjusting to what someone might call my ‘inner child’s’ needs."

"If you could change one thing about the world what it be and why?" Coda's response: "The World has also gotten so much heavier as I’ve grown up. My whiteness allows for harm to persevere. That is a reality I must confront; a recent realization within myself. I’m so lucky that throughout my life, I have had experience with people who don’t look like me. In the schools I went to and the neighborhood I grew up in. Looking back now, one of my takeaways is: Okay, how can I use what I know now to help people who are struggling, deeply? To question my place within society is my start. Because I’ve never had to, and it won’t change if I don’t. If those in power- white people, white rich people, white rich straight men, white women, white gay people- can dive into what makes us have the advantage, just because of how we look and what power that grants us at the table of society (that we all belong to), I believe the change can start. It starts with detaching my ego and seeing myself for who I am- even if it’s not who I ever wanted to be."

"What does a life well lived look like to you?" Coda's response: "A life well lived looks like my life now. I have to remember to count my blessings! My Mom always tells me so. She’s my rock, the core of my amazing support system that keeps me going. Man, I have so many gorgeous people in my life. They all remind me to take it day by day- they do that just by being there, with love. There is more that I imagine that could improve my life. But when I wrote that right now, it’s really not true. I imagine, far too often, the luxury. How perfect it could be one day, with more than I have now. I don’t know that any of what I picture like a painting in my mind would make anything perfect. Just like anyone, there are material possessions I dream of having for myself. To be grateful at this point in my life pulls me through to the next day, more than any other thing could."

- I smiled reading this part. This is actually one of my most interesting questions. It brings me joy to know how people want their life to go and I always encourage people to keep dreaming about the life you want to live. One day it will be your reality. - Tyris Manney

Lastly, "What is it like to be you?" Coda's Response: "When it comes to who I am today, I’m compassionate, fun-loving, and creative! I love to watch TV & movies, go on adventures, and learn new things. It can feel wild as Coda. My thoughts move too quickly, I can barely keep up. I do make sure I keep up, though. When I do, I discover magnificent thoughts that transcend the distractions and the negative emotions. I trust myself enough to know that the beautiful thoughts won’t stop, and I have got to keep dreaming, to keep living to find out where they can take me."

Of course I want to thank Coda for taking the time to build a better world. You're truly a light to be around and a blessing to know!

- If you're interested in building a better world. Please email- be sure to include your instagram.

I want to build a community that allows everyone to feel free to be who they are and love who they are period. You can be whoever you want to be. Welcome to freedom! We are non-judgemental. We love you and we want you to love you! As always thank you for your time. Stay Beautiful