Building A Better World with Shana B

Her name is Shana B. She is 25 years old and from The South Side of Chicago. Her business (Don't Be A Pu*sy) encourages people to be fearless and the importance of removing fear from your everyday life & mindset. She goes by she/her and her favorite color is brown. Here's her story.

"What is it that you do?" Shana's response: "I'm currently working part time as a Youth Housing Advocate, helping the youth aging out of the system care seek housing & transition into adulthood. While working a job within a career field, I'm passionate about community work, I'm using the extra time to solidify my own imprint in the community & youth development. One of my known seasonal apparel businesses, "Shop DBP (don't be a pu*sy)" highlights & focuses on individual personal development, such as accountability & boundaries, in a more tough love approach to connect with our culture & community. In my spare time, I model by collaborating with other artists on their projects, or my own self inspired projects."

"What inspired you to pursue it?" Shana's response: "What inspired me to be involved & concerned about the development of my culture & community is my experiences growing up in Chicago. I've stayed all over Chicago & hung out in many places, from Tuley Park, to Cole Park, near Park Manor, the lowend, over east, near Jeffery and on 79th near Halsted and I've witnessed the change within all these communities, and the spiraling & downfall of many of my peers. The lack of self awareness & sense of identity, which I noticed causes for many people to stare into the wrong path. I want to be the person that helps end that cycle of self destruction, or becoming a product of our environments, by highlighting self awareness, information, and resources to help & inspire the youth to find themselves early, and stay true to themselves along the way."

"What experiences in life made you stronger?" Shana's response: "My life experiences, with rejection & facing my insecurities made me stronger. For every rejection & failed encounter, pushed me closer to finding myself, standing with myself, and being myself. Acknowledging that person, and loving her anyway. Living with no choice but to create my own space, and reality where I matter, I mean something, and I don't ever have to break my neck to fit into spaces & groups that's not for me, made for me, or isn't good for my well being & health."

"If you could change one thing about the world what it be and why?" Shana's response: "If I can change one thing about the world today, it would be the obsession with hatred. I believe hatred is woven into American culture, and it's the cause & seed for so many harmful structures & mentalilities in society, and why many people can't seem to grasp love, personally or as a community. If hatred was removed from the DNA of society, many people will have the freedom, mind, and heart to accept & embrace one another despite any & all differences."

"What does a life well lived look like to you?" Shana's response: "Sadly, to me, a life well lived would look like Nipsey Hussles. A man who despite his environment, and past personal choices he never stopped growing as a man & human, by feeding his mind, he followed his dreams, led by passion, and he gave back to his community in the end. He died young, but he had an impact, and that's a life well lived to me."

Lastly, "What is it like to be you?" Shana's response: "Lastly, what's it like to be me? Lol - I would say it's a beautiful crazy magnificent rollercoaster ride through paradise. Filled with a lot of great moments & highs, there are down moments, but nothing bad ever lasts forever, in the end I'm always grateful for every experience, good or bad, so I'm often at peace."

Thank you so much Shana for all the support! I am rooting for you and your success. Continue to inspire me and others!

- If you're interested in building a better world. Please email- be sure to include your instagram.

I want to build a community that allows everyone to feel free to be who they are and love who they are period. You can be whoever you want to be. Welcome to freedom! We are non-judgemental. We love you and we want you to love you! As always thank you for your time. Stay Beautiful