Coda Marcus. Callback

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Who are you? (Your name, pronouns, age, birthday, zodiac sign, and where you’re from.)

Hey guys! My name is Coda Marcus, he him is fine 😘 I just turned 22 on June 7th, I’m a Gemini! I’m from humboldt park, Chicago.

What is it that you do? (Example: what kind of artist are you? What kind of business do you have? Full detail.)

Acting is where my heart is. I love to become another character, to step into who they are using who I am. It’s interesting as an actor; you’re changing and growing all the time so that they way you play a character once could be so different from the way you play that character a few years later. We learn as we go, and there’s so much training left for me. That “incomplete” part of it really is the art itself; you gotta just take a stab at it and create what comes. I would love to venture more into directing and writing as well. I recently created a sci-fi web series with my sister and that has been kicking my ass! It’s the hardest thing creatively I have ever done. I’ve learned so much in regards to producing, and just what all goes into making a show happen. It’s wild, and I would love to continue the writing/directing adventure as I go.

What inspired you to pursue it?

It came from a very simple idea, actually. I was studying abroad in Spain and had so much time to just relax and journal and research anything + everything. I thought of this idea: a group of actors filming a show that ends up merging with reality. I know, probably done before. This idea spoke to me so clearly, though. When we act, it can be tough to distinguish your own feelings from that of the character. The lines blend, actually a little bit. So when I thought about the amazing friends I had that could help me out by acting in this show with me, it was a done deal. Callback came to life draft after draft, and I was inspired by characters based off of the “characters” in my real life. As an amateur writer, that’s where it began for me.

What experiences in life made you stronger?

School has been a wild ride for me. My first college got shut down, and after that life got so real for me. It was adult mode, and I wasn’t done having my fun. I love school and have my eyes set to finish, but a ton of transition just pushed me out of my comfort zone. I still do feel as if I’m in that transition mode. I just turned 22, and I’m about halfway done with school. It truly made me see life with some perspective. Life is a marathon, and the big steps don’t all happen at once. It takes time.

If you could change one thing about the world would it be and why?

With so much injustice dealt to Black people and people of color for centuries, I wish our system could acknowledge the pain. We live in a world that has been ‘set up’ in an evil way. And we can’t change our past, but it feels difficult to move towards progress when pain is diminished, ignored, swept under the rug as something that is unreal. 2020 is a boiling point, and there is a lot of steam in the air. This is a huge opportunity for us to stand united and speak up in the face of systemic racism. I don’t want to say I would change people, or the way they believe, but I would change the lack of compassion that inherently exists in people not dealt the same hand as others.

What does a life well lived look like to you?

You know, I am totally living a life well lived. I have to remind myself to be grateful grateful grateful! My support team, my family is beautiful. I am inspired by you guys 💛. I’m not where I hope to be in 10 years; dream of acting on TV and movies, of owning my own theatre company or acting academy, maybe a lil’ coffee ☕️ shop too. I want to travel the whole world, to attend the Oscars alongside peers I’ve met along the way. Everything I want wouldn’t mean anything without everything I already have.

Lastly, what is it like to be you? Full detail.

Oh wow. It feels wild in my head up here lol! Some days are amazing, I’m driven and at peace. Other days I’m scattered, anxious, moody, and in a funk. I have always been an optimistic person, and I used to have people say to me “do you ever get mad?” I’m afraid to lose that part of me, because it feels like my core. Stress and the pressure of always getting better affects me deeply. I always manage to remember that light that brings me out of the darkness.

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